Friday, 20 March 2009

Wrexham’s pass rate for bus drivers is the second worst in Britain

Yesterday, when Charlie left for his first driving lesson in two weeks, I drew a card for us both. First up, effectively portrayed in Japanese Manga art is The Three of Wands (reversed).

The card shows a woman sitting on the riverbank with a fretful, far-away look on her face….Sitting and waiting is the order of the day with the Three of Wands. The roses in the picture promise new beginnings and hope, but the thorns suggest there could be a few painful problems to endure along the way.

This lucky card suggests that you should cast aside doubts and fears and have the foresight to tackle something different. Also if you trust in yourself, everything else will fall into place. Another aspect to consider is two things coming together make three- so you can count on teamwork and cooperation

The Three of Wands (reversed) portrays problems that could arise from lack of experience. Or there may be setbacks and careless mistakes

Second card of the day (drawn with Charlie in mind) is The Eight of Pentacles. In numerology - 8 symbolizes material accomplishment, power and success.

In Tarot the apprentice card depicts job training, learning new skills and having the discipline required to succeed in something new. It also suggests the chance to work with someone who will teach him new methods.

And Charlie was certainly taught new methods yesterday (a little late at this stage of the game, don’t you think)?

Crestfallen Charles told me he’d been with the instructor who'd boasted he made grown men cry. Consequently, the little confidence the previous instructor had built up rapidly ebbed away. After an hour, Charles said jokingly that he wanted to return home as nothing was going right. (unfortunately, the intense, infinitely tiring driving lessons last for four hours).
Trouble was everything he’d been taught by his previous instructor - from roundabouts to checking over the bus was wrong in the new tutor’s eyes.. At the end of the lesson, Charlie asked how he was doing?

F…… S… !The bully barked.

‘So, is it worth taking my test?’ Charlie then inquired. He was told he had nothing to lose (meaning you can kiss the money goodbye if you don’t take the test).

Bully boy then begrudgingly confided , the owner thinks you’re good enough. Peter thought you were good enough and I think you can do it…So you may as well take the test!’ Did he just give Charles a compliment?.

Another aspect of the Eight of Pentacles is the foundation laid may pay off…so like the instructor says, he’s got nothing to loose, except perhaps, a couple of grand.

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