Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday the 13th can actually be a day of considerable good fortune.

In last Wednesday’s post was Charlie’s new test date. But, because he’d been given the date over the phone, Charlie glimpsed at the letter and tossed it aside.

Jotting it down on the calendar, I almost had kittens. It was on (gulp) Friday 13th! Some superstitious folk will not leave their beds on this ill-fated date - but I’m not usually that gullible. However, after our series of misfortunate events it had to be a bad omen.

And this was not our only concern, Charlie had been ordered to attend a Back to Work Group Session. The hour long course was intended to give general advice to people out of work). But, with a mere, 186 jobs in our area (and only one in manufacturing) can the talks really dampen-down the dole queues? Or will they just deflate myriads of jobseekers who, through no fault of their own, cannot find work? Nonetheless, failure to attend could result in 2 weeks benefit loss -so like it or not he had to go!

Fortunately, when Charles phoned the training centre and told them his dilemma, he discovered there had been a mix up in the dates. . Phew, I was so relived I could have danced around the bedroom naked, (believe me it’s not a pretty sight). His test is now set for Friday 20th March…
For those of you sitting at home dwelling on the date, according to 600 B.C mathematical philosopher Pythagoras – the number 13 is a chance for evolution and change. And blessed Friday 13th was a holy day in the church. So, think positive and your luck could be dramatically altered on today.

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