Saturday, 7 March 2009

‘Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!’

Well I said he wouldn’t fail and he didn’t. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass either...

In hindsight I can see where the Death card came in, because Charlie killed the poor old bus. Well, it’s not exactly dead, but it is out of action for a few days. We’d discussed forking out for extra lessons if he failed -little did we know that we’d be paying either way).

Yesterday, Charlie’s face had been as pale as the Dover Cliffs as he headed for the training centre.On his pre-test, he conquered roundabouts big and small, reversing and manoeuvring the 35 feet long bus through the busy town.

It was at the test centre gates, my nervy husband turned into ‘Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em’ star, Frank Spencer.

For instructed to head towards the white line, Charles forgot the rigid, 22,000 pounds vehicle doesn’t corner like a car. As a result, gate hinges ripped though the side of the bus like it was opening a sardine can. (They’re made of a thin metal you know.)

‘F…ing Hell, Charlie,’ the instructor gasped. Charles felt terrible and apologised profusely.

To cut a long story short, it was decided the bus was just too dangerous to take out.

Back at the training centre, Charles learned an Arriva driver had made the same mistake the previous week (he shattered the windows on his bus).

The instructor also declared Charlie was doing so well he was sure he was going to pass.
But, Charlie was to upset to speak.

Back home the owner of training centre phoned and told Charlie to stop worrying, it could have happened to anyone.

So now, my Page of Pentacles husband has to phone on Monday morning to arrange another test...


  1. Oh, poor Charlie. He doesn't have to pay for the bus repairs, does he?
    Good for him for ringing up for his next appointment - I'm sure it'll go much better second time round.

  2. Oh no, poor Charlie! At least though he's got that bit all over and done with. Next time will be a doddle in comparison. I hope he doesn't have too long to wait for his next test.

  3. Thanks both. New test on Friday 20th March