Sunday, 1 March 2009

My card of the day was The Three of Pentacles

It predicted that hard work will not go unnoticed - sounds promising don’t you think? It’s certainly true in Charlie’s case as he’s in the back garden cutting down trees. Trouble is as soon as the chain saw started wining our neighbour came out. She told him, when they first moved into the house the 90ft garden was great for young kids. They could play outside all day where she knew they’d be safe. But now with her arthritis, she hasn’t a hope- in -hell of keeping the jungle down. She does however manage to pull up the weeds and keep on top of the lawn (with either a garden shears or an antiquated push mower. So Charlie thought he’d help out and lop off the overhanging branches of the silver birch. He was also willing to cut the the tops off the conifers that keep her three- bedroom house void of light. However, she prefers the trees (except her lovely forsythia) to have a bit more than a short back and sides. But for this Charlie would need to climb trees. But, my ever-so cuddly hubby is not an agile cat that can clamber to the top of the massive trees. This morning, he stepped outside as the sun came up, ‘it’ll only take a few hours,’ he said. It’s just after 5 pm, the sun is going down and he’s still out there! And V, bless her, is still supervising. Oh, well like the card said, his hard work is not going unnoticed…
Another Three of Pentacles aspect is specializing in something that will bring future monetary success. Or a good time to start a project. This is true as I’ve just signed up for an on-line Tarot for Writers workshop. Besides learning to utilize the Tarot on a personal level, it guarantees to open my imagination (the only thing wrong with mine is that I forget to use it). And best of all, it promise to boot the dreaded writers block out of the water. Oh well, onwards and upwards….


  1. That was lovely of Charlie to do all that hard work for your neighbour, I hope he managed to escape her clutches eventually!

    I like the sound of the Tarot workshop. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

  2. That workshop sounds fascinating, Pam. Keep us posted.

  3. So far, I'm loving the class. Will write more on the subject soon. Pam x