Thursday, 5 March 2009

New buds on old branches-

Charlie went through a pre-test with his instructor today, if this had been a real test he was told, you would have passed.
But he is so nail-bitingly nervous, there’s nothing I can say to pacify him.
So shuffling my Tarot cards, I said, think of a question- it goes without saying what he requested.
And gulp…the card chosen was Death.
Death is the card that sends grown men dashing for cover. But in the Tarot it very rarely means the grim reaper will be knocking on the door.

The Death card depicts a major change is about to take place. It can mean that a job, relationship, project, or in Charlie’s case a series of driving lessons are coming to an end.

Interestingly, if we rewind a few week, we’d see the first stages of his life changing journey was staring to take shape. Change is on the horizon, for the card represents important changes and letting go of something that’s way past its sell-by-date. Althought scary in the beginning, by cutting out things that are no longer useful, a new life cycle can begin

So tomorrow when a new sun rises, a great transformation will be taking place. And if Charlie can hold his nerve, he stands a good chance of getting his bus drivers licence...

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