Friday, 27 March 2009

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep

In case you were wondering, Charlie failed his test! It was something he’d really wanted to do, but unfortunately, his lack of confidence made him vulnerable behind the wheel of a bus. So, when fate intervenes, we have to go with the flow and realize - it’s probably for the best.

When we were 16, our cups runneth over on the work front. But now, there are barely enough vacancies to go around. Apparently, 900 jobs have gone from Wrexham since the beginning of January 2008. This I can believe because Charles has tried for jobs from road sweepers to refuse collectors, and received the same, sorry to inform you results.

Last night, I lay awake in bed pondering on what the future holds for us.

We did see a vacancy that looked kind of promising; it involved supervising the day to day running and opening of a castle. Since the successful candidate needed to wear many hats, we wrote and asked if we could job share. I had supervisory skills, but knowledge of collections care in a historic context and preventative conservation- in depth understanding of the 9 agents of deterioration (essential) was a different kettle of fish. So for the past week I have ate slept and studied the detrimental causes and their affects. And now, I can reel them off like I was reciting my times tables.

For me, a far more worrying aspect of the post is living in a supposedly haunted building. Imagine if you will, turning in for the night and meeting one of its past occupants on the stairs? In our house, there has been much debate over how our 13- year-old daughter would fare such secluded surroundings. And whether our 12- year- old Yorki cross, could cope in a 700 - year- old flat?

I've heard that if you really want something, you must imagine yourself there and it will come to pass. My imagination must be on overdrive as twice this week I have almost given poor Charlie a heart attack. Both times I was screaming ‘get away from me!’ to the windows and walls

The mind boggles. Is it any wonder that I can’t sleep?


  1. Poor Charlie. Confidence is such a fickle but powerful thing.
    Sounds like you're not really all that keen on the castle idea, altho' it would be novel. What do the cards say?

  2. Hi Honeysuckle, I love castles and would love the adventure if I weren’t so hung up on the castle's ghosts. And even though its only five miles away, and a really beautiful setting, Charlie would have to taxi our 13- year- old everywhere. I asked the tarot a one card question and was given Live Force in Vision Quest (Strength). This implies inner strength. If I allow myself to swept away by this immense divine power nothing is impossible.

  3. So, if you went for it wholeheartedly it'd turn out okay, but if you stay where you are it might still be, will you allow yourself to be swept away? Big decision to have to make.