Friday, 6 March 2009

A cracking card to follow Death.

In bed this morning, I told Charlie, ‘you are going to pass!’ He said, he didn’t want me to mentioned the test (it’s this afternoon by the way.) So downstairs, I shuffled the cards and with my lovely hubby in mind, I drew was the studious Page of Pentacles. The careful and diligent Page has an out with the old, in with the new attitude - so it’s a lovely card to follow Death.

The card shows a Page of Pentacles in a grass coloured tunic with a certificate in one hand and a spray of plum and pink fuchsias in the other. The beautiful bobbing flowers denote faithfulness -and of course, Charlie, has really been devoted to the course. For he was up before 7: am, taking the car around roundabouts and following the test-route. So like our Page of Pentacles, he’s really is a homework buff.

With the focus on learning, our Page shows thoroughness, practicality and hard work will soon be paying dividends. And he could soon be presented with an satisfying opportunity on the job front. Wow, that’s a relief. Like most people, in these credit crunch times, we need a bit more money in the pot.

Another aspect of the earthly Page is that he’s a keen and persevering young chap. He’s also ambitious, practical, responsible, patient and kind, but on rare occasions- easily depressed. That’s Charlie at this present moment in time and he’s so down -in -the –dumps, he’s gone back to bed. So have faith, Charles, Page's do not give in easily, or surrender their dreams….

It’s funny the card was drawn today, as the Page of Pentacles can also represents news. And we’ve heard this morning that my lovely, backpacking -in -Australia stepdaughter - has got a job! Yay, well done, Nic! And as the Pentacles suit denotes money and earthly possessions – it should take a great weight off her mind. Her new, Page of Pentacle position starts next Wednesday.


  1. You're not going to make us wait till tomorrow to find out if Charlie passed, Pam...?

  2. Ooh, I really hope he passed. Let us know won't you?

  3. Sorry I made you wait. Charles needed to escape from the whole bus driving saga, so we went out for a couple of hours. Pam x