Thursday, 28 May 2009

Queen of Swords

Charlie had an interview for a support worker yesterday. It would have been his dream job. And people who know Charlie say he’ll always go that extra mile when someone’s in need of help.
As it was World Tarot day, I said, I’d do a reading for him. Obviously, I wanted the cards to depict the dream job or mythical pot of gold at rainbow end. However, the cards refused to be part of this ready-made plan. Four of his cards were from the Swords suit. Oh oh, I thought, Swords with their elemental air can be sharp and oh so cutting. And to top it all, his outcome card – was the heartbreaking Three of Swords.

Another card that turned up in his reading was yesterday’s card of the day – The warmth-lacking Queen of Swords. I could see Charlie being interviewed by a woman who would be sharp witted, aloof, keep her distance and would put up barriers around herself.

The Queen of Swords is an intelligent, independent critical-thinking woman who has a knack of getting to the heart of a matter. She sees things for what they are, rather than what we want her to see

Naturally, the decisions she’ll make will be based on what feels is for the good of people, although they probably wouldn’t have chosen it for themselves.

And because of her superb communication skills, The Queen of Swords may be a therapist, journalist, teacher or spokesperson for an organisation or causes.

Above all, she admires honesty, why only a fool would believe they can pull the wool over this Sword Queen’s eyes. A negative trait of the Queen of Swords (this may be indicated by adverse or reverse cards) is her razor-sharp tongue and the ability to cut someone down to size.

Hidden beneath her façade is someone who may have suffered emotional pain and learned how to survive. So in order to protect herself, she draws her sword and raises her defences. If you’re lucky enough to melt her icy persona, you may see another side of the Queen of Swords. As the lady likes a laugh, has a wicked sense of humor and always has a witty retort close-at-hand.

For some, the Queens no -nonsense approach can make them feel awkward or ill at ease.
Charlie’s Queen of Swords did just, she sat stony- faced throughout the interview, while the other two women smiled and chatted and tried to put him at ease.

She asked what he had been doing with himself for the last five months – hello, it’s a recession-doesn’t she know there are no jobs in the area. He told her about the bus driving lessons, but didn’t go into it in details, he just said he failed his test and couldn’t afford to have more driving lessons.

Like the Queen of Swords, she didn’t mince her words, she said, he should have stuck at it, as bus driving is a job for life.

Pondering on the question, I think she probably wanted him to say that he’d been involved in some kind of voluntary work (which he’s now planning to do).

Charlie was told this afternoon, that he didn’t get the job. Although he came over well and had a good interview, the post was given to someone with experience.


  1. The good thing is that despite the recession there will always be support work available, and not everyone's suited to it. So, once Charlie's got some voluntary hours under his belt, he should stand a great chance at any future interviews. (And you surely can't come up against a Sword Queen twice running?)

  2. Hopefully not, Honeysuckle.
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.
    Pam x