Thursday, 23 April 2009

If you want to know the way, ask a policeman.

Nic told me last week that I need to keep up… with my blog that is. The reason I’m lagging is that I’ve been tied up with children, cooking and a couple of Thai student’s - more on that later.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon was a bit weird. We were strolling along the canal path, when a trio of ducks, rose from the water like an airplane on a flight path. We stood stock still as the v -shaped formation soared towards us. And yes, you’ve guessed it...we had to duck! As they flew over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Charlie shook his head exclaiming, ‘I’ve never seen that before!’ Neither had I, but I now know how ducks got their name.’

Later that afternoon, I was in the kitchen when a police car pulled up outside our house. When Charlie called out ‘there’s a policeman ambling down our path,’ my imagination went into overdrive. For when a constable knocks on your door it’s usually because a crime has been committed or they’re bearer of bad news. I darted to the front door and before he could utter a word, ‘what’s happened?’ I gasped.

‘Sorry to bother you,’ he smiled, ‘but do you know where Emmanuel Grove is?’

Trying to calm a painfully galloping chest, ‘is it on Trevor Estate?’ I stammered.

‘That makes sense, he said. ‘I’ve been trying to figure out where it is on the map.’

It was only when he drove away that I remembered that there’s an Emmanuel Grove’s in Cefn Mawr (2 miles from here).

‘I’ve never before heard of a Policeman asking for directions before,’ Charlie remarked. Neither had I. Very bizarre, don’t you think?

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