Friday, 27 February 2009

Universe, Send Charlie Strength!

My husband Charlie is a lovely man; he would do anything for anybody and is loved by everyone. But like most people, he sometimes lacks confidence.Today, his self-assurance is at an all time low and kept him awake last night. And the reason is - he’s learning to drive a bus.
Before I go any further I have to say, he loves driving, and is a very good driver. His ambition was to drive a train, but being 52, it’s a no-go area with train companies.
So the goal posts shifts.
So with bus driving coming a close second in the aspiration stakes, his goal (after being made redundant) was learning to drive a bus.
At the driving skills assessment, Charles was told this could be done in 28 not-so-easy lessons.
His first four lessons (after learning to perform pre-driving checks) were spent learning to reverse. For this he has to pop his head out of the window (to check tyre positions) then reverse using his mirrors. Mirrors are the bus driver’s eyes, for the back window is either non-existent, or constantly foggy from dust.
‘Learning to drive a bus is not like learning to drive a car,’ he told me. ‘There’s no vehicle around to practice in.’

‘All you need is little self-confidence,’ I told him.

He didn’t look convinced.

So, he has another five days (weekend not included) of intense driving lessons to look forward to. Four of these twenty hours will be spent on reversing a 35 feet long, 22,000 pounds, extremely powerful, bus.
Next Friday is the day of his test.
Perseverance is the key to overcoming this rather large obstacle, but he can do it. I know he can! If he only has faith…


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